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      Home > Explore UCT > Sustainability > Planning & target setting
      Home > Explore UCT > Sustainability > Planning & target setting

      Planning, target setting and operations

       Principle 2 * of the International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN) covers the following issues:

      • Carbon emissions

        The measurement of UCT's carbon footprint follows the internationally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol: A Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard (revised edition).

        The university’s first carbon footprint report was started in 2007 and is now published annually.

        Read the university’s carbon footprint reports.

      • Transportation

        UCT is very proud of the Jammie Shuttle service, which serves all the UCT campuses and residences, and offers a large number of students and staff free, easy transport to and from the university.

        A 2015 student project survey found that 38% of journeys were taken using this service (against 3% using other buses, 1% using taxis, 1% using bicycles, 12% walking, 1% using mountain bikes, 4% using the train and 40% using cars).

        In 2017 UCT renewed the Jammie Shuttle fleet with the aim of reducing harmful emissions. UCT also has several electric golf carts for traffic officers and maintenance crews and Segway’s for some security personnel. The purchase of more electric vehicles is being investigated.

        The cycle infrastructure project  was implemented initially on upper campus in 2013 – this included signage, bike racks and road markings. It has proved difficult linking the upper campus with the lower campuses due to the very steep, dangerous roads, and the long distances. This explains why the student survey revealed that only 1% of the UCT population cycle to and around campus.

        In 2014 a bicycle rental scheme called Jammie Bike was launched with the purchase of 200 bicycles. However, only a few bicycles were leased. A new rental model was designed and introduced by the Green Campus Initiative (GCI) in April/May 2017.

        In 2009 UCT Ridelink was introduced, which is a web-based car-pooling system. It aims to share fuel costs, reduce carbon emissions, and make parking on upper campus easier.


        Jammie Shuttle:
        staff | students

        Jammie Bike:
        staff | students


      • Land use and biodiversity

        The university is situated in of area of significant biodiversity, and is also home to a heritage-protected treed area on lower campus. Biodiversity is considered a priority in the UCT Green Campus Action Plan.

        During the redevelopment of the middle campus, an environmental consultant was employed. This resulted in a successful project to save a population of endangered rain frogs. Further replanting on upper campus with indigenous species is taking place in the hope of saving another population of this frog species.

        Work to enhance the biodiversity and ecological value of the estate include:

        • the removal of invasive alien species
        • planting endemic and indigenous vegetation.

        UCT has a pest-control programme in place to control non-plant invasive alien species, such as rats. Apart from bait boxes for rats and the occasional drain treatment for cockroaches, no pesticides are used.

        As of 30 June 2017, a strict smoking policy was introduced at UCT. Although not a smoke-free policy, it is very close to being one and is one of the strictest in the country.


      * Principle 2: To ensure long-term sustainable campus development, campus-wide master planning and target-setting should include environmental and social goals.

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